Fight Childhood Cancers! Join Mulgrave’s ChildRun Team on May 31 – SoGo | #SocialGood

To find out more about joining the Mulgrave team “So Yi – Mikael” contact So Yi G9 or Ms Cannon More details coming soon. To find out more about the ChildRun and how it supports BC Children’s Hospital, click here.

via Fight Childhood Cancers! Join Mulgrave’s ChildRun Team on May 31 – SoGo | #SocialGood Mulgrave.

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Join the 30th World Partnership Walk: Sun May 25 | SoGo

Guess what time of year it is? World Partnership Walk time! Celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, the walk, sponsored by the Aga Khan Foundation Canada (AKFC), has raised over $80 MILLION dollars since its inception with 100% of the funds going directly to on-the-ground, grassroots projects fighting global poverty in third world countries like Mali, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and many others. The AKFC works to improve the lives of the 2/3 of people living in these areas through healthcare and education, as well as by improving their livelihood through the preservation of their cultures. On February 27th, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and His Highness The Aga Khan signed an agreement where $100 million dollars will be put to work in the coming years to develop hospitals, train healthcare professionals, and build schools and businesses. Of the $100 million dollar investment, $25 million is from the AKFC. We need YOUR help to reach this milestone goal and continue to make a difference.

Join Team Mulgrave 4 the 30th World Partnership Walk: Sun May 25 | SoGo | #SocialGood Mulgrave.

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Summertime Success! Are You on Board? | SoGo |

Want to get a head start on IBDP classes or perhaps work on refining that Extended Essay? Do you think a little Math or English boost will help you to be as ready as possible for the year ahead? Come and work with our professionals to tick that box and shorten your September to do list. Click to explore the options for students entering Grades 7-12:

Read more for reasons to sign up and quotes from past students: Summertime Success! Are You on Board? Mulgrave Summer School 2014 | SoGo |.

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Walk So Kids Can Talk: Sun, May 4th | SoGo | #SocialGood

Once again, Team Mulgrave will be attending the annual Walk so Kids Can Talk in support of Kids Help Phone (KHP), this year held on Sunday, May 4th! Mulgrave has been the largest school team and fundraiser in the past, and we hope to achieve this again. The walk is Canada’s largest for child and youth mental health and well-being and kicks off Mental Health Week in Canada each year. The walk is Kids Help Phone’s largest fundraising event of the year and raises a significant portion of the revenue needed to keep Kids Help Phone’s day and night counselling service available.

Kids Help Phone is a non-profit organization that supports youth through professional counselling 24/7 via phone and internet. Their role is to help students deal with whatever problems they need help with, from mental illnesses such as anxiety or depression, to even just experiencing school stress or bullying. KHP counselling services support the mental and emotional well-being of over 6.5 million kids across Canada, ages five to 20. The walk is a really fun day for students and organizations to come together and raise money, awareness and community support. The day will be full of walking and other exciting activities for everyone! This is a great idea if you are still looking for another service commitment or just want to come out, have fun, and help a great cause! To register for Team Mulgrave and start fundraising, visit the link here. Start collecting your pledges and donations right away!

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Robotic Walking Suit Introduced at World Cup

 A Brazilian person who is paralyzed will walk onto the pitch in Sao Paulo, Brazil, this June wearing an exoskeleton walking suit to complete the ceremonial first kick. Built with light metals and powered by hydraulics, the walking machine could one day make wheelchairs a thing of the past.

Duke University professor Miguel Nicolelis is leading a large, multi-university and multi-nation research project to build a walking suit for paraplegic people. Nicolelis insists the technology enables human movements, instead of stiff, robotic ones.”All of the innovations we’re putting together for this exoskeleton have in mind the goal of transforming it into something that can be used by patients who suffer from a variety of diseases and injuries that cause paralysis,” Nicolelis told The Guardian.

via With Robotic Walking Suit, Paralyzed Person Will Give World Cup’s First Kick.

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Leaders 4 Change @ United World College in Costa Rica #globaled #socent

UWC Costa Rica

Leaders for Change: How to Become a Social Entrepreneur Before You’re 20.

This dynamic course will expose participants to a number of cases of social entrepreneurs who have converted their desire of building a better world into a reality. The course will inspire participants with an entrepreneurial spirit, help them gain an understanding of the challenges of the start-up process, and think about the complexities of growing and managing it. They will emerge with a high-level business plan for starting a social enterprise.

This course has four primary educational objectives:

  • to examine the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship in creating and growing organizations which prioritize community impact
  • to learn from ‘living examples’ of social entrepreneurs
  • to support participants to develop a business plan for either launching a new social enterprise or initiating a new program within an existing organization
  • to help develop the leadership perspectives necessary for responding to the challenges of being a social entrepreneur

Open to students 16 to 19 years old from around the world. The course will take place July 19-August 3, 2014 in Costa Rica. The course fee is $2,450.

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UN Simulates Violent #LandMines via Apple iBeacons #SocialGood

I made it only two steps before I detonated a land mine. The explosion ripped through my ears as my heart pounded. Were this a real land mine, a recording informed me, my hands would be torn apart. Shrapnel would fly at my face, blinding me. Without swift medical attention, I would die. But none of this actually happened. The minefield I walked through was only virtual. I was on the top floor of New York’s New Museum, overlooking a sea of silent Manhattan rooftops, far from the conflict zones where this sort of horror is a reality.

Within five minutes of the simulation, I detonated three more land mines.

The United Nations Mine Action Service organized this land mine simulation, called “Sweeper,” which debuted in New York on Friday. It communicates the terrifying threat of land mines throughout the world, despite a 1999 worldwide ban on anti-personnel mines. “Sweeper” simulates the very real terror of leaving home, walking to school or driving to work, and not knowing if you’ll survive your next step.

Check it out here:

via United Nations Simulates Violent Land Mines via Apple iBeacons.

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#Google Celebrates International Women’s Day #IWD | SoGo

Check out the Google Doodle video celebrating International Women’s Day, which is marked each year on March 8.

International Women’s Day, which was first held in Chicago on May 3, 1908, honors respect, love and appreciation of women. It is celebrated in countries around the world, and this year, the United Nations’ theme for the day is “Equality for Women is Progress for All.” You can read the message by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon here, originally posted on the IWD 2014 website.

via Google Doodle Video Celebrates International Women’s Day.

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Women & Girls Can Change the World #IWD #rights |March 8 2014 | SoGo

Happy International Women’s Day. Find out how you can turn oppression into action through the Half the Sky Movement and check out a recent provocative post fighting for the rights of girls

via Women & Girls Can Change the World #IWD #rights |March 8 2014 | SoGo | #SocialGood Mulgrave.

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Just because it isn’t happening here… #Syria | SoGo

This shocking video shows what life could be like for a young child if war came to the UK – and acts as a poignant reminder that while our world is not torn apart by conflict, other children are suffering around the globe.

Released by charity Save the Children as part of its Save Syria’s Children campaign, the film tells the story of how a young girl’s life is turned upside down in the space of just a year by showing a seconds over the course of 12 months.

The film closes with the words: “Just because it isn’t happening here, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.” Save The Children says it has released the striking video in the run up to the third anniversary of the start of the Syrian conflict on March 15.  The conflict in Syria has “cost the lives of more than 11,000 children and turned more than 1 million into refugees. It has subjected them to trauma, indiscriminate shelling and even torture.”

For more information on the charity’s appeal and how you can help, visit the Humanitarian Coalition at .

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The Fight to End the R-Word Once and for All #rights | SoGo

Retard. The word stings of ignorance and disgust. But if the Spread the Word to End the Word Campaign succeeds, you’ll never have to hear it (and hopefully never say it) again.

It’s a derisive term used interchangeably with “idiot” and is especially hurtful when referencing someone who is actually intellectually disabled. It’s also short for “retarded” or “mentally retarded,” terms often used to describe developmentally disabled people. But it’s been misappropriated into a word that hurts them and their loved ones.

via The Fight to End the R-Word Once and for All #rights | SoGo | #SocialGood Mulgrave.

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#RAKNomination > a #SocialGood Makeover

NekNominate, a game that involves drinking and posting videos online, reportedly led to at least five deaths. Now it’s getting a new, positive spin — thanks to do-gooders around the world.

The viral craze typically requires a player to film himself downing large quantities of alcohol, then nominating two or three friends to do the same within 24 hours. But some YouTube users, such as Brent Lindeque of Johannesburg, South Africa (above), and Julien Voinson of Bordeaux, France, are using their nominations to swap alcohol for food, and giving it to homeless people.

The result is a new challenge — dubbed “Smart Nomination” or “RAKNomination” (for “Random Acts of Kindness”).

via Deadly Drinking Game Gets a Social Good Makeover.

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#Afghan Hearts 4 Heroes Campaign #SocialGood @MulgraveSchool | SoGo |

This February, the Digital Good Club along with Sparks will be unveiling the Afghan Hearts 4 Heroes Campaign at Mulgrave School.  This campaign seeks to raise awareness about human rights, particularly those of women and children in Afghanistan. Education is a major concern for Afghan women. Though schools have reopened since the fall of the Taliban, the educational system only has a limited capacity to accommodate them. In rural areas outside of Kabul, remnants of Taliban supporters  have  threatened families not to send their daughters to school.

via #Afghan Hearts 4 Heroes Campaign #SocialGood @MulgraveSchool | SoGo | #SocialGood Mulgrave.

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