IGNITE Youth-Driven Arts Festival

Our blog has gotten a little lonely from being neglected due to cool new mediums such as Facebook & Twitter. However, it will be lonely no more! Here is your official 2012 IGNITE! Festival update! We have been super busy over the past few months and there is a ton of new content to check out!


Tickets are now available for the 2012 IGNITE! Festival. Pick yours’ up today at The Cultch! Click here for more info.

Festival Nights

Each of our nights’ pages have been updated with descriptions of their themes, dress codes, and a bit of what you can expect to see this year!

Young Playwrights Festival

You can now read all about the plays we are featuring during this year’s fest! We have even included showtimes and dates for your convenience! Check it out right here.

Meet This Year’s Panel

Check on who’s on panel this year before meeting us all at IGNITE! Full bios have been uploaded to our “Meet the Panel” page, so you can get to know all of the incredible people who are helping putting on the festival.


We’ve also completed the process of selecting this year’s performers! We will be announcing them to the public (that’s you!) before the month is over! So be sure to check back right here for the announcement – you could also just subscribe to one or more of those social mediums that have been stealing our blog’s spotlight. We’ll be announcing the 2012 line-up via Facebook, Twitter, and of course, right here on our website!

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