#RioPlusSocial: What’s Your Vision for the Future?

It’s easy to see social injustice and suffering in the world and get discouraged. Now, with the power of social media, we have the opportunity to make a change through one of our greatest assets: voice. By sending a tweet, sharing a photo or uploading video, we can stand up for what’s right and be heard throughout the world — within seconds.

Mashable will be in Brazil to host Rio+Social, working with our Social Good Summit partners the United Nations Foundation and the 92nd Street Y. The event will explore how social media and technology can help create sustainable solutions for the future of the planet.

The conference, which will be held in Rio de Janeiro on June 19, will feature an unconventionally written speech: the “6 Minute Speech.” This dialog will focus on the social problems you see in the world today, how we can work together to fix them and what you want to see happen in our future.”

Check it out.

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